United by a holistic approach and a desire to help others feel at their best, the Mahana Collective is a group of like-minded specialists ready to support you. With the busy pace of today’s life it can be hard to make time to seek much-needed advice and peace - that is why we have created our collective, so that you can find wellbeing experts all in one place.

Whether you need help with niggling injuries, health advice, or a way to prioritise self-care, you’ll find your answers here. Please enjoy meeting the members of Mahana Collective below. They can’t wait to meet you.


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The best tool to equip you with a happy life, is a healthy body. Created by a qualified and registered Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist, My Healthy Place is here to help you achieve that.

Here you can book one-on-one health consultations, purchase from a carefully curated selection of health products, and start your journey to a healthier and happier you.
Through a naturopathic consultation I look at every aspect of your health and your goals, creating an individual treatment plan and providing any support you need. The aim is to treat the whole person, finding the underlying cause for any health issues. This means using treatment methods such as nutritional advice, personalised herbal formulas, lifestyle recommendations and practitioner only supplements.
This approach can help you find relief from a wide range of health conditions such as fatigue, digestive problems, hormonal issues, stress and anxiety, allergies, immune function, or to simply help enhance your overall wellbeing. Using my wealth of knowledge and experience I want to empower and support you on your journey to optimal health.
I look forward to meeting you and working towards a healthier, happier you.

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wellbeing massage co - Massage Therapy

Here at Wellbeing Massage Co our aim is to keep people moving, stay supple and guide you in the right direction to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

We understand that every mind and body is different and that our lifestyles and exercise habits are individual to ourselves. This is why, in our treatments, we use a variety of different techniques from different massage styles along with a thorough consultation to give you the best treatment possible.

Our therapist Steph is an experienced sports massage therapist and has been treating people for 13 years. During her career, Steph has worked closely with other health professionals within gyms and physiotherapy clinics.

From this, she has gained a wide range of knowledge which has allowed her to work with professional athletes as well as the everyday person. An avid runner, she understands very well your need of wanting to stay pain and injury free whether from your sport or everyday occupational stresses. 

Registered therapist with Massage New Zealand

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