Misty Day Plant Potions - 50g Bliss Brew

Misty Day Plant Potions - 50g Bliss Brew



Bliss Brew is not a turmeric latte powder. This blend is the real deal - the most functional beverage you are ever likely to have pass your pretty little lips.

Lets break this blend down:

Raw Criollo Cacao - This is what chocolate is made from and it contains  relaxing minerals and a plant chemical called anandamide - this binds to endocannibinoid receptors in your brain and is thought to induce feelings of bliss.

Ashwagandha - This herb has been used for centuries to help beat stress, enhance endurance and get you feeling happy.

Turmeric -  For helping to support a healthy mood by way of reducing inflammation in the brain. 

He shou wu - Calming, rejuvenative and full of minerals for the depleted and exhausted. Great for those tired mums out there!

Mucuna - The velvet bean, nourishing and restorative for a nervous system that is a bit frazzled and over it. This is perfect for those that have become a bit "glass half empty" after a period of stress. 

Astragalus - Immunises the body against the ill effects of stress while also supporting the heart and keeping the immune system resilient and healthy. 

Whats not to like? The flavour of Bliss Brew really lends itself to earthy flavours like vanilla, coffee, chocolate and caramel so maybe add some bliss into your favourite hot drink.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Criollo Cacao Powder*, Ashwagandha*, Turmeric*, Mucuna Pruriens*, He Shou Wu* Astragalus* Cinnamon*, Stevia, Himalayan Sea Salt 

*organic ingredients 

Directions: Add one level teaspoon to hot milk, add your sweetener of choice and mix well. Can also be added to coffee, hot chocolate or smoothies.

Contains 14 serves.

*If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical conditions consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

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Misty Day Plant Potions

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