Bookings are essential as Mahana Yoga Loft is a boutique studio & spaces are limited. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class starts.


At Mahana we endeavor to offer many different styles and levels of yoga and pilates, so as everyone can find a class best suited to them.  Please inform your teacher if you have any form of injury or illness, or if you are pregnant before beginning a class. It is important that you listen to your body, and respect its limits on any given day.


sunrise flow

Best for? Starting your day the right way!

A wonderful way to start the day! Get up and get on the mat. Moving through an Ashtanga inspired series of standing, balancing, seated, twisting and supine postures. Both the body and the mind are prepared for the day ahead.

The poses flow from one to another, providing an opportunity link together breath with movement.

This is an ideal class to connect to the fundamentals of flow, whilst exploring the possibilities of a deeper practice.

Space is also held for more experienced students to discover new techniques, improve alignment and connect to a deeper awareness of the effects of a yoga practice on both the mind and the body.

Pace - Medium – Fast

Barre Pilates image

pilates barre

Best for? Working up a sweat & creating long lean muscles.

Barre is a strong, fast-paced, and energetic Pilates class, designed to get your heart pumping! The class is a lot of fun, and will work several muscle groups.

This is a challenging, dynamic and holistic workout designed to promote weight loss and achieve a toned, lean, supple, fit and balanced body. 

Using the ballet barre, resistance bands, hand weights and Pilates balls, it integrates the fundamentals of Pilates with cardio intervals, core work, functional exercises and dance to create a total body workout.

You will feel absolutely invigorated after one of our unique Barre classes.

Be prepared to have fun and sweat!

Pace - Fast

Yoga class image

slow flow

Best for? Flexibility & Mindfulness.

Slow flow is distinct in its slow pace and gentle nature. Going “slow” encourages the exploration of a softer aspect of yoga, a deeper awareness of each breath and movement.

Although every class is different, each class usually begins with pranayama (breathing) and/or meditation before moving into a gentle flow of physical asana (postures).

The flow of poses varies from class to class, and focuses on connecting the student to the key tools of yoga practice, which is the breath, the strength of the core (bandha), the openness of our heart and our awareness of the entire body.

This class provides a great foundation for those new to yoga. It is also suitable for more experienced practitioners who are willing to slow down and hold awareness that often isn’t possible in faster paced classes.

Pace – Slow

Yin Yoga class pic

yin yoga

Best for? Mindfulness & recovery.

Yin Yoga is a surrender to gravity and a practice in cultivating awareness of the reactions and responses of the mind to certain poses.

Poses are held for 3-8 minutes with the support of props, creating sustained pressure to move the effects beyond the muscles to the deeper connective tissues in the body.  

New depths in postures, ranges of motion and an increased flow of energy are often achievable by focusing on these deeper layers of connective tissues.

This deeply relaxing practice creates a soothing atmosphere conducive to unwinding and releasing physical, psychological and emotional tension.

This class offers an opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments and letting go of any need to go anywhere or do anything and instead to simply rest into each nourishing breath. This practice is the perfect compliment and balance to more yang (high energy) types of yoga.  

Pace - Slow

Vinyasa class image

vinyasa flow

Best for? Building strength, endurance & mindfulness.

Vinyasa Flow takes dynamic yoga to a deeper level by integrating rhythmic breathing with conscious movement. Often an adventure in sweat and stamina, vinyasa flow is unique in its sequencing of breath-synchronized movement, which transforms the practice to a high energy meditation in action.

Inspired by the traditional yoga Sun Salutations each class provides the opportunity to increase strength and flexibility, vitality and body/mind connection. Practitioners learn to creatively transition from pose to pose with increased body awareness, skill and graceful fluidity while balancing strength with freedom.

Variations of poses are given to support newer students and challenge more experienced practitioners, allowing each individual to safely explore their potential. The classes provide the perfect platform to develop a personal practice.

Pace – Fast

Pilates Class Image

pilates mat

Best for? Building core strength & improving alignment.

A great total body workout!

Pilates is a form of exercise which uses the body weight and other equipment to strengthen and tone the entire body with an emphasis on building a strong core while flowing with precision and control from one exercise to the next.

Pilates is a safe and low-impact form of exercise for people of any age, gender and fitness level as each class provides a variety of modifications to suit different levels and individual needs.

Pilates is perfect for toning, lengthening, increasing flexibility, preventing injury, aiding in weight loss and the developing a strong body and mind.

Pace - Medium


Not too sure where to start?

At Mahana we’ve designed our schedule to be fully customisable, so you can create your perfect, balanced Yoga & Pilates program.
The key is to keep it balanced by incorporating a few different class styles into your schedule. We recommend 3 – 5 sessions a week, depending on your goals. Think about including a combination of toning, strengthening & flexibility based classes. Plus don’t forget to add a recovery session such as Yin each week for a balanced program.

The best place to start if your new to Mahana is our “new student intro pass”, giving you unlimited access to all of our classes.

Go ahead and sample each of the classes to get you started.

Still stuck? Check out some of our sample schedules below…


mahana sample schedules

Want to tone up?

1-2 x Barre Pilates

1 x Pilates Mat

1 x Slow flow

1 x Yin

Want to improve your cardio fitness?

1-2 x Vinyasa flow

1-2 x Barre

1x Yin

Want to build more strength?

1-2 x Pilates Mat

1-2 x Vinyasa Flow

1 x Yin

Want to improve your flexibility?

1-2 x Vinyasa flow

1 - 2 x Slow flow

1-2 X Yin

New to Mahana Yoga Loft

Things to know for your first yoga or barre session

  • Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class starts to register and get settled on your mat as classes start on time

  • Unfortunately, late arrivals will not be granted entry into the class once the door to the studio space has closed

  • Please leave your belongings in the storage shelves provided

  • As a courtesy to others, make sure your phone is switched off or on silent at all times in the studio space

  • Please wear light weight, non-restrictive clothing as this will enable you to get the most out of your class. We do have a small retail yoga apparel boutique

  • Bring your yoga mat, some studio yoga mats are provided for use if you do not have your own

  • Bring your water bottle as we have filtered water facilities

  • Bring a sweat towel if you feel you may need it

  • As a courtesy to our neighbors we ask that you do not park in front of the local shops. Plenty of parking spaces are available across the road and along Papamoa Beach.